A new perspective on ancient materials inspires future innovation

Contemporary building materials are guaranteed for only about 100 years, yet structures built in Ancient Rome have survived for millennia. Questions about what accounts for this discrepancy in durability and resilience, and what engineers could learn from ancient technologies, are central to the research interests of Admir Masic, the Esther and Harold E. Edgerton Career Development Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT.


Ancient materials that have resisted degradation over time, and despite environmental conditions, can inform us about properties that contribute to performance and longevity,” Masic says. “This ‘antiqua-inspired’ method offers a new way of approaching the creation of more sustainable, durable materials for the future.”

Read the full article on the website of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) from November 20, 2017.

Photo Credit of post image: Lillie Paquette